“The flamingo's tongue has a specially fine flavor.”

~ Marcus Gavius Apicius, 1st c. AD gourmand

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Feast of Sorrow

On a hot summer day in first century Rome, a young slave named Thrasius sells on the block for an exorbitant price. His purchaser is one of the wealthiest men in the city, Marcus Gavius Apicius, whose one ambition in life is to become Caesar’s gastronomic advisor. Apicius believes that Thrasius will be the key to his success–and he’s right. As Apicius’ cook, Thrasius is shackled with the burden of helping him become the one of the most glorified men in Rome. Unfortunately, neither man expects their rise to fame to take such a drastic fall. In Apicius’ quest for fame, he plays with the innocent lives of those he loves and Thrasius is powerless to change his master’s course of action.

To learn more about this historical novel and the life of Apicius, click here.

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