It’s too hot, it’s too hot, it’s too hot, it’s too hot

Billie Holiday? Kinks? Kool and the Gang? The Specials? Take your pick of hot hot songs. I imagine they all fit about now if you are anywhere on the Eastern seaboard. They’re reporting that the worst of the heat is supposedly over, but while yesterday was hotter, today is more humid and I’m far more uncomfortable. Fans are awhirl.

On Monday late afternoon, my husband and I heard a massive crackling noise outside the front of our house. We look out and the telephone/electric pole in front of our house had snapped a wire from the overload, with the ends of the wires on fire and a live wire down in the middle of our street. We called and the fire trucks and cops came in and watched the wire (although they did NOTHING to stop cars from going near the wire or people walking near it, sigh) until the power company could come and fix it.

Then, last night, on my way to a BBQ for my Italian class, we came to the street where the party was held and sure enough, another wire down in that neighborhood and three fire trucks and two cops watching the wire (Cambridge has more people needing overtime pay than my town apparently). A woman came over to us as we were getting out of the car and wanted to know if we wanted an update on what was happening–she was clearly the neighborhood busybody, informant, gossip. She was in heaven, letting everyone know what was happening. Cracked me up.

Our town actually left a voicemail yesterday as well, telling people that they were on the verge of an overload and that we should limit electricity during the day and to not run air conditioners until after 8PM at night.

So what to do sans air conditioner? We take our tips from the Italians, who are used to it being rather molto caldo in l’estate:

  • Gelato
  • No-cook recipes such as a Tuscan Tuna Sandwich. We leave out the peppers and add smoked gouda which makes an amazing, delish dish
  • Mozarella, prosciutto and melone
  • Spritz Aperol

Other ideas? I’m open to suggestions!

Or, you could just make your own slip and slide…we’re not lucky enough to have so much space!

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