Welcome home!

Tonight we brought home our new kitty, Nero, a 12 week old ragdoll kitten. OMG he’s more adorable than kittens should be. He seems perfectly at home for the most part. He follows us from room to room, plays happily with his toys and randomly falls asleep when the exploration starts to overwhelm him (even now he’s sleeping on the floor a few feet away from me). I am so much in love with him, even after just a few hours.

He cries when he can’t see us though, which is sweet but hopefully he’ll grow out of it sooner than later. We’re the new litter mates I think, so he wants to make sure he knows where we are. When we ate dinner on the back patio he cried and cried until we got a chair

so he could sit on it and look out the back screen door at us.

He’s too little for the porch…he could jump off the balcony before we knew what happened. Plus there are plants back there I’m sure that aren’t good for him.

I hope he uses the box soon. We’ve shown him where it is several times but he seems more curious about the world around him. Haven’t seen him drinking anything yet but he has eaten a bit (we’ve been home for about 3.5 hrs now). We’re confining him to the kitchen

overnight so hopefully he’ll figure it out quickly. Cute, huh?

and some video for added cuteness.


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    awwwww! sweet 😉