Is it hot enough yet?

Across the board America is feeling the heat. No wonder–2010 is on record for the hottest 6 months ever. At my house its been 85 or more nearly every day for the last two months with heavy humidity to boot, a far cry from last summer when I think New England had maybe 10-15 days of sun between Memorial and Labor Day.

All these crazy hot humid days mean strange storms that roll in and back out. A friend of mine mentioned on his Facebook today that a tornado had touched down on Long Island and just a few days ago three tornadoes touched down in southern Maine. Two weeks ago we had mass flooding in our own town…totally nutso how fast the rain came down. Our neighbors lost everything in their basement and had to rewire its house. Here’s the video:


and here is the water on that same day flooding out Fenway Park:


Global warming? End of the world? Something has Mother Nature all in a tizzy!

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