Lost and Found

We don’t usually keep clutter lying around our house but there are a few spaces that tend to gather papers and need the occasional purge. One of those spaces is a junky old cabinet in the office that hasn’t been opened in years because it’s full of “stuff.”  It’s really an anomaly in our house…one of those spaces that up until today neither Joe or I had any clue what’s in there.

Last night I was looking for some nice paper and was thinking I had a ream tucked away in that cabinet. I opened it up and it was piled to the top of all sorts of things. I realized that ok, we’ve got to take care of this silly cabinet and clean it out. We never really have time to tackle it but the day was here, I decided.

Mostly it’s a lot of shredding of old bills (some from 2001!!) and leftover checks from when there was still Fleet bank here in Boston. But there are some other funny things that are surfacing, such as:

  • Joe’s old bike light for his backpack (not been used in 10 years)…wait, make that two lights
  • A small box of white christmas lights, not touched
  • Photos from my office window (of the Friendship of Salem) when I worked in Salem in 2004
  • A manual on how to play Sid Meier’s CivNet
  • A sonnet cycle I wrote for Joe on our first anniversary of meeting (2001)
  • A wooden stunt plane stocking stuffer that I gave Joe one year that hasn’t been opened
  • A pair of nice leather gloves given to Joe at some point, still packaged and unused.
  • Chinese food menus for restaurants that no longer exist
  • Dozens of holiday and birthday cards
  • Numerous CDs, manuals, books and maps for Everquest (the original)
  • At least 6 old fantasy football manuals plus all of Joe’s scratchings on player placement from many years ago (he’s commissioner of one of his leagues)
  • Registration for a car Joe owned 10 years ago
  • Film for a Polaroid iZone camera and the camera
  • Two cigars
  • Essays Joe wrote when he was getting his M.A.
  • Genealogy info for Joe’s side of the family (Italy and Acadia)
  • Slides of Joe’s sculptures
  • Joe’s GRE scores, Tuft’s & Museum school grades and his diplomas
  • Our 2002 taxes
  • Joe’s Selective Service verification from 1985
  • 2004 Red Sox world series collector box of baseball cards
  • Sunday Red Sox Boston Globe, Oct. 28, 2004
  • Travel chess set
  • Joe’s lease for an apartment he lived in 12 years ago
  • A Residents DVD
  • Two cigar boxes full of junk, one with dozens of 50 cent and dollar coins and his ex-girlfriend’s old bank card
  • The receipt for the tuxedo Joe rented when we got married
  • A disposable camera that still needs to be developed…it’s expiration date is 2004.
  • Receipt for a case of Cote du Rhone we bought in the Berkshires (a gift?)
  • The lenses for Joe’s telescope
  • An old poetry notebook from 2001 or 2002

Lesson learned…don’t let Joe stockpile junk in the cabinet moving forward.

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