I'll be speaking at Grub Street's annual writing conference, on Friday and on Saturday. This conference is one of the best of its kind. Visit the site to learn more and to register. 

The Writer's Electronic Toolbox: Organize and Streamline Your Writing

Friday, April 29 • 11:45am - 12:45pm
In days of yore, writers relied on card catalogs, encyclopedias, index cards, and other physical tools of the writing and reading trade. In today's world, writers are on the go, researching online, sharing manuscripts via the Cloud, blogging from their mobile device, and juggling countless bits of electronic information. This session will provide insight into Web and mobile tools that writers can use to stay organized, efficient, and be successful. Internet and social media expert, Crystal King, will share valuable tips to organize your writing and research online, write without distractions, backup your valuable work, track manuscript submissions, and to discover online tools that may help you find your next agent or editor.

How To Use Social Media for Self Promotion And Not Be Annoying

Saturday, April 30 • 9:00am - 10:30am
When the Internet began it was an amazing place for individuals to meet each other, share information, and learn. Today it has become an overwhelming barrage of advertising combined with a hefty dose of narcissism. How can you make sure you and your book don’t get lost in the midst of all that me-me-me talk? Social Media expert Crystal King will provide you with a handy list of what not to do in your social channels so you don't turn off your audiences and hinder potential book sales. She'll also share best practice tips of the most successful authors using social media today, helping you build an audience of engaged and interested followers.